Gladiator joust is a fun game that offers a throwback to the classic Gladiators TV show in which players stand on a podium and try to knock their opponent off theirs. Gladiator joust hire is a popular choice of entertainment at almost any event or function, as it offers a fun level of competitiveness as well as countless hours of fun. Players will be determined to triumph at the gladiator jousting, but like a lot of our competitive games, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Players must keep their balance whilst also trying to force their opponents off their podium using large foam pads. With games never lasting more than 30 seconds a high turn over of players is achievable for large scale events. For smaller events you can play first to 3 points, or however you want to do it. Our team will man the equipment and referee the games, but are hugely adaptable with the rules. So whatever the occasion, be it a large scale family or company fun day, through to an office party, our gladiator joust for hire is for you.

Players and spectators alike will enjoy the entertainment display created by the gladiator joust game and you can hire gladiator jousting game for events up and down the country, all year round. The compact size of the inflatable gladiator joust also makes it suitable to almost any sized events, and can even be hired for indoor events, depending on the size of the venue. You can also hire gladiator joust as part of an inflatable selection, choosing other products from our range to complement the gladiator jousting for hire. We have Human Table Football and Inflatable Volleyball for team games, Sumo Suits, Bouncy boxing and bungee run for one-on-one, and bucking bronco, rodeo sheep and surfboard simulator for individual games.

Remember you can hire gladiator joust inflatable from anywhere in the UK, seven days a week, and our inflatable gladiator joust for hire is fun for all ages. You can hire bouncy castles and hire fun day equipment alongside our fun gladiator jousting in unique bundles and when you hire inflatable gladiator joust you are guaranteed a hit at your event. If you want to hire gladiator jousting, or hear more about our inflatable gladiator joust give us a call and speak to one of our sales advisors, who can offer pricing and further information on all of our available products.